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    Our Mission

    Transform Fragrance into Symbols of Hope and Beauty

    At BOITOWN, our core mission is to make fragrance a symbol of hope and beauty, inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams. We believe in continuous innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence, guided by our dedication to delivering unparalleled fragrance experiences to our customers.

    Our Craftsmanship

    Unveiling the Art of Perfumery

    Delve into the artistry behind BOITOWN's perfumes, where passion and expertise converge to create exceptional scents. Our perfumers carefully select the finest ingredients and blend them with precision, ensuring that each fragrance embodies sophistication and allure.

    Our Products

    Embark on a Sensory Journey

    Explore our exquisite collection of perfumes, each meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and memories. From refreshing florals to captivating woody notes, each fragrance in our collection tells a unique story and offers a journey for the senses.

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    Meet our team


    Melody was born into a long line of spice enthusiasts, her ancestors having dedicated decades to spice research. Raised in a home reminiscent of a laboratory, she developed a sharp sensitivity to fragrances early on. This upbringing laid the groundwork for her formal education in perfumery. After completing her studies, she excelled as a fragrance evaluator. However, her true passion lay in creating her own scents. Encouraged by her father, she founded BOITOWN in 2008, the first domestic olfactory aesthetic fragrance brand. This venture marked a significant milestone in her journey of self-discovery, allowing her to imbue each perfume with a unique blend of romance and elegance. Melody's goal is to guide others in uncovering their own olfactory memories and embracing a refined essence of themselves.

    Meet our Master Perfumer

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